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misterwitchboy tarot reading 

my journey with tarot began during the beginnings of quarantine in 2020. however, as i began to work with the tarot more, i found a wisdom that i believe has always been with me. it allowed me to remember some deep personal truths i’ve learned over the years. whether it was the lessons of my own spiritual journey out of evangelical christianity, of coming out as a gay man, or of my own decolonization process as a filipino-american, tarot has been an integral part of me coming into my own. 

my hope as a tarot reader is to help lead others into their own power. rather than being predictive, i try to imbue my interpretations with agency and mindfulness. i want my clients to be able to look gently and kindly into the mirror that is tarot, and walk away with peace and clarity. i believe tarot readings are your space to make your own epiphanies, breakthroughs, and, most importantly, your own decisions. the magic is yours to perform. i’m merely here to set the stage. 

if you have any questions at all about offerings and such, 

my email is always open at

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“Aaron’s readings resonate SO DEEPLY. I feel so lucky whenever I get readings from him - as I’ve said before, he truly has such a beautiful gift.” - Ashley

“Aaron’s reading really calmed my heart and affirmed my direction, while inspiring me to consider my intentional steps and where I need to trust the process & myself more. You’re a beautiful gift, Aaron. Thank you for seeing me.” -Ryan

“it’s kind of amazing how aaron and the cards hit on some things i have struggled with for years…the cards he uses are beautiful and i appreciated all the details he pointed out…thank you so much for the guidance!” -David

"Aaron's reading was such a gift and a kind offering! His interpretation of the message and relationship between these cards was beautiful and really resonated with me." - Allison 

“My readings with misterwitchboy always feel very personal and they allow me the space and freedom to reflect on my feelings - past, present, and future. He has an incredibly comforting energy and is genuinely interested in helping you find direction & peace, and I always leave readings feeling light and motivated.” - Raphael

“Having a tarot card reading with Aaron is like having a personal therapy session because at the end of each session, I’m always able to see a silver lining that helps clearing my dark clouded mind and that there’s always light at the end of tunnel to overcome my obstacles in life” - Peace

"misterwitchboy's readings will definitely help you reflect and analyse the important things to note even if those are hidden" - M 

"misterwitchboy's readings have aided me in delving deeper into my own thoughts by urging me to reflect on aspects of my life and personality that I otherwise struggle to pause for.  His attentiveness and catered tidbits of wisdom have served as gentle reminders for ideas that sometimes seem so painfully obvious but are easily ignored." -Matt